Your house exterior is the very first thing that your guests and visitors will see upon entering the gate, and I obviously create a first impression. This is why you need to take care of or exterior structure as much as how you take care of your interior structure. And there are many ways on how to take care of your exterior. One of which is to provide an exterior painting; repaint your exterior walls. 

The painters Washington DC provides an excellent service when it comes to painting or repainting your exterior house. However, we understand that not all the time you have the time and luxury to call for professional help, and this is the very reason why we are here, writing this article for you. We will share with you the most important and most difficult step in repainting your exterior: finding the right color.  

Here, we will provide some effective and helpful tips on how to choose the right color for the exterior home.  

Take advantage of the technology – when it comes to combining and mixing colors, there are many free apps or software that provide free advice when it comes to color combination and mixing. It can also provide you the chance to see different color combinations in different house designs and structures. 

Spend more money – paint quality is an essential key element of durable and perfectly painted exterior walls. When you opt for poor quality paint, this will make your exterior paint less durable and faster to deteriorate. You will need to do repainting more frequently. Invest in high-quality paint if you want to make your paint last longer.  

Do not forget the trim – rather than picking the boring white, you can have a different shade or tone for your trim. You can try different colors but make sure they are lighter than the color of your exterior wall.  

Take into consideration your permanent materials – what we mean by permanent materials are the stone foundation, brick patio, or accents. When you have these, you can opt for their underlying tones to match what you have in your house. For instance, if you have a warm red brick foundation, you may want to choose some brown panting for your exterior.  

Buy good quality panting materials – when it comes to wanting a good quality painting output, you also need to invest for your panting materials like your brush and wrapping cloth. There are many brush innovations you can try, so make sure you also take advantage of the new technology.  

Ask help from the professional – if you think you cannot do a DIY properly and efficiently, it is better if you choose to ask for professional advice and avail of their service. In this way, you are assured that you will be provided with an excellent service. It will be efficient and cost-effective. When choosing for the right company, you also need to do some initial research, do some interviews, and make sure you are choosing the right company for the job. Enjoy!