Taking care of your tree is never easy. There are many things you need to take into consideration especially when it is your first time, and you do not know things when it comes to maintenance and such.  

Although it can be relatively difficult, the Oakland tree service will always be available if you need help. Tree companies are making it easier to grow a tree and take care of it even when the owner is not naturally a gardener and does not have the skills in gardening. However, you cannot always rely on companies and services when it comes to growing your trees. This is why we will share with you some tips on how to grow some healthy trees and maintain them.  

When Watering  

Watering is the most important maintenance you will ever need to provide for your tree. An even if the trees are supposedly “drought-tolerant,” the trees still need to be watered up to three years before it can be fully independent of your consistent irrigation as this will give them time to grow their roots for self-sufficiency.  

Oakland mostly has clay soil and this entails that you need to have a different approach to watering compared to the traditional soil. Typically, you need to water a growing plant once per week However, because clay drains faster than the normal soil, you need to water the soil every after ten days to make sure you provide enough moisture for the plant and trees. Before you water again, stick your finger two inches into the ground near the tree and do not water if it is wet.  

When it is dry season, you need to water your plants more often than usual. Also, it is better if you be more efficient in using your used water to be more water-efficient. 

When Mulching  

Mulching is putting wood chips on the top of the soil in order to prevent dehydration. This mulch is composed of some wood chips and an organic-rich compost that effectively insulates the roots of the tree from cold and heat from the outer environment. It also smothers weeds, reduces water evaporation, and provides healthy minerals to your plant and trees.  

When Keeping Away Trash and Weeds 

Weeds are also plants that take away water, sunlight, and nutrients from the plants and growing trees, and this makes the plants and small trees have inadequate minerals, water, and sunlight that they need to grow.  

Trashes are also very bad for the plants and trees. This is because trashes have toxic materials and chemicals that can harm the plant and young trees. You can also plant some other plants and flowers outside the ring if you want to have some design. Also, if they wither and decay, they can provide nutrients when they become organic fertilizer for your plants and young trees.  

Other things you need to take into consideration are pruning and trimming especially when the young trees become mature. Also, when you need help, do not hesitate to call for professional tree service. These services will provide you expert-like care and will even give you advice for taking care of your young trees.