Sometimes, having trees in front of our house or in the back yard makes the atmosphere of the house relaxing and eco-friendly. Trees are really beneficial when it comes to producing oxygen in the air. Also, they are the ones who consume carbon dioxide in the air which in return gives oxygen. Having tree care in our environment means fighting with the issues of global warming in our ecosystem. By planting trees, we can save the world from making the atmosphere less tortured from pollution, and any other forms of doings and actions that are man-made that causes the mother earth to be slowly destroyed.  

But what if you were in the scenario in which the roots of the trees cause the damage of the platforms, and the surface beneath the house, a building, or any type of structure that is near or next to the tree. Sometimes, big roots of trees sometimes damage the structure when it grows beneath the soil. Also, when a scenario happens such as a strong storm or when an emergency happens. When this happens, a tree must be removed as well as the roots from the surface to avoid further damage. 

Nowadays, tree removal is not that hard because of the companies that are now existing now. There are some companies nowadays that offer tree trimming and removal services such as the Hayward tree serviceThey have all the means of equipment and manpower that are very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to tree trimming and tree removal. 

So what are the reasons why you should remove trees? Here are the reasons why. 

  1. The tree is dead. When a tree has aged, it may be dead through time. When this happens, the tree must be removed in order to avoid sudden destructions to nearby structures or if worst, a person might be affected if it suddenly falls or bends because of the structure it has. 
  1. The tree has gone from storm damage. When a strong storm approaches, it sometimes causes damage from the environment not just to structures but also the trees that are affected because of the strong impact it has. 
  1. The tree is too close to the house or any structure. When a tree is too close from the entrance of the house or any structure, removal of the tree must be necessary because of the reason that it might cause future damages when a storm  
  1. It becomes a nuisance. When you have a fruiting tree in front of your house, sometimes the fruit that falls in the ground or in the roof causes a nuisance. It even makes your house messy. 
  1. When a tree becomes a threat to driveways and any underground utilities. The tree must be removed especially when a tree becomes threats to underground utilities and driveways. Sometimes the roots of the big trees cause damage to driveways. Also, when the root of the tree reaches or hits the pipes or tubes that are installed underground could cause damage. Driveways and roads can be cracked also when the root of the tree becomes longer and bigger through time.